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Every Sunday, be it at Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer, members of our parish get up before us to proclaim the Word of God in Scripture readings from both the Old and New Testaments. Although we may not often think in those terms, this is a very basic and very important ministry in our Christian faith. God has spoken to us through the experiences of the Chosen People, the Jews, in the Old Testament. God has spoken to us in the life experiences of the early Christian communities. These are communicated to us though the books of the New Testament. There is hardly a more crucial or central ministry to our worship life.

How we communicate this Holy Word is also very important. Are we clear? Do we ourselves understand what we are trying to communicate to others? Is our demeanour appropriate to the importance of the ministry we are fulfilling? We are thankful for the quality and number of the Lectors we have in our parish community, living out this ministry every week.


At St. John's we follow the semi-continuous readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. We are currently in Ordinary time (Sunday's after Epiphany) in Year A, which follows the Gospel of Matthew. The readers for the 8:30 service can be found here and the readers for thee 10:30 service can be found here.

Revised Common Lectionary list can be obtained here.

Revised Common Lectionary readings can be obtained here

Contact: Mary Wagner 634-4994