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Lay Readers

Other than our Rector, Lay readers are probably the most visible in their ministry within the worship life of the parish. Every Sunday they lead us in praying the Psalms and in intercessory prayer (Prayers of the People).  They assist at the altar and distribution of communion. Occasionally they lead us in Morning Prayer and preach and take services on occasion at Harbour View Haven Home for Special Care

.“The office of Lay Reader is intended to be and opportunity for ministry of the Spirit in which and individual can respond to the call to be helpful in building up the body of Christ. It must be recognized, however, that this ministry is more than solely liturgical. It may involve one or more other areas such as pastoral care, Christian education, social action and parish administration, Lay readers, therefore, have the responsibility to develop their special talents so that the unity of Faith may be realized by all.” (From : Lay Reader Handbook of Standards and Regulations)


Contact: Roger Demone 543-5753


Lay Reader's Schedule

March 10 October 6, 2019

Harbour View Haven Services 2018

Layreaders 2009

From left to right: Front Row: Robert MacMillan, Susan MacMillan, Charlene Demone, Holly Michell, Velvet Eliuk
Back Row: Roger Demone, Barbara Eisenhauer, Sandy MacDonald, Sheila Morris, Heather Hyson
Absent: Sharon Green