Welcome to St John’s Anglican Church

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Regular Services 

Wednesday 10:00 am

Sunday 8:30 am & 10:30 am

Fully Accessible

Our Services 

When you come in the doors, you will be greeted and offered a bulletin. You are welcomed to sit in any pew you like. The participatory service is led by the rector (Priest) and the ministry team.

Your first time through our doors may feel unfamiliar, but we hope with time you will become comfortable with the flow of the services. At any point during service if you have any questions please let us know how we can make your experience more comfortable. 

On Sundays we have two worship times:

8:30 Book of Common Prayer (approx. 35 min)

Our 8:30 am service on Sundays is based on the Book of Common Prayer (traditional language) mixed with aspects of the contemporary service. This is a more quiet and conteplative service with time to pause, pray and reflect. The Holy Eucharist (Communion) is celebrated and everyone is welcomed.

10:30 Book of Alternative Services (approx. 1 hour )

Our 10:30am service is found in the Book of Alternative Services, with contemporary language, choir and music components, and Sunday school throughout the school year. There is also a children’s talk. The Holy Eucharist (Communion) is celebrated and everyone is welcomed.


On Wednesdays at 10:00 am we have a quiet service from the Book of Common Prayer. Approximately 30 minutes in duration, it is a quiet and contemplative service that is reflective and prayerful in nature. The Holy Eucharist (Communion) is celebrated and everyone is welcomed.

Special Services:

Baptism (sometimes called Christening) - This service, which takes place during common worship, formalises and celebrates our place in Gods family and the community of the church. This service includes a commitment to the Christian life, and can happen at any age and stage. 

Weddings – Our Historic Church provides a beautiful backdrop to any wedding. A Christian wedding is for couples who wish to include god in their marriage. The service includes the civil marriage and a religious blessing. We embrace marriage equality and are authorized to solemnize all legal marriages.

Funerals – A service to gather and give thanks to god for the life, love and friendship of those who have died. Each service is tailored to to celebrate the life of the departed and reflect the wishes of those who grieve. 

Throughout the year there may be other services. Plea