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St. John's Church, is a Provincial and a National Heritage Site. St. John's was a focal point in the centre of Lunenburg's UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. The congregation was proud stewards of St. John's Church, not only for their own worship purposes, but also for its historical significance to the people of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and indeed Canada. This stewardship responsibility was very much in the minds of the congregation when they chose to undertake a full historic restoration of St. John's Church rather than undertake a lesser cost rebuilding option with no historical significance. The congregation is very pleased that the Governments of Nova Scotia and Canada committed at an early stage to be strategic partners in an historic restoration of this heritage property. Over time this commitment has been transferred into major financial support through such agencies as Parks Canada, the Canada - Nova Scotia Infrastructure Program and Human Resources Canada. The significant support of Nova Scotia and Canada is very much appreciated by the congregation of St. John's and the Restoration Team as they continue their stewardship of St.John's - an important part of Canadian heritage.


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