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Pulling Together

November 1, 2001 left a bitter feeling within the hearts of many people. A devastating fire ripped through St. John's Church leaving a dismal and charred shell that was once an outstanding historical figure.

When safe to do so, site cleanup commenced. Parishioners and volunteers pulled together and prepared themselves for the worst. What would they find? Remains of hymnbooks, photos, glass - all pieces of their spiritual home. After weeks of cleaning up debris there was a collection of memories but there was also a sign of hope. Various decorative and structural pieces of wood were categorized to be used for measurements. Glass was collected for reference of color and text. Nails were collected as a fundraising item for visitors and a 'sign' that we could put St. John's back together. All of these components were so important.

In months to come restoration began. The community, the province, the country and the world opened their hearts and donations began to arrive on a regular basis. Through the kindness of others and the hard work and determination of our carpentry staff we have completed Phase I of our restoration project - the exterior of St. John's.

Although it appears that St. John's is complete on the outside, the interior tells a much different story. Inside, the walls and centre of the church are lined with scaffolding. You can hear the sound of hammers and saws. You can see a team of skilled individuals working diligently. You can smell the fresh new wood. You can feel accomplishment.

We couldn't have come this far without you. However, we continue to need your support. The estimated cost of restoration is $6.7 million. Our project is estimated to be complete in December 2005. With your support, we will reach that goal

It is said that when individuals come together to work as a team, the outcome can only be strong and positive. That is why we need your help. We are restoring a Provincial Heritage Property and a National Historic Site. St. John's holds great respect and 'being'. It is the second oldest Anglican Church in the world and has been a 'stepping stone' in the founding and settlement of the Town of Lunenburg.

We thank all those who have helped us to come this far and continue to ask for your support from our communities, surrounding areas, our country and the world.

Together, we will reach this goal!