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Music in Worship

In our parish, focus on music has become a major theme. The ministry and outreach of our relationship with a number of musical societies and groups has raised our profile within the greater community. We welcome people from beyond our parish and our faith to share the gift of music with us.

However, the major thrust of our music ministry is and will continue to be its role in our public worship. Music within the context of Christian ministry is not based on performance but rather on participation and prayer. In the same way that lay readers lead us in spoken prayer or lectors lead us in proclaiming the Word of God in Scripture, our musicians lead us in our sung prayer. They help to create an atmosphere of reflection in prayer through music. They help us praise our God with voices and bells lifted in anthems of celebration. They help to comfort in hymns of faith and consolation at funerals of our parish members.

Our Organist – Choir Director is Barbara Butler(902) 624-0506.

The Chancel Choir, directed by Barbara Butler, provides strong leadership each Sunday morning. An auxiliary choir assists at funerals and special services.

The Chancel Choir practices in the church on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  All are welcome.

St. John’s Ringers are directed by Sharon Hill (902) 634-8781.

The Hand Bell Choir practices in the church on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.  All are welcome.

Peter Allen (902) 634-4668 is our chimer.