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Call to Ministry

In every generation, God calls men and women to serve in ministry by living out their Baptism Vows. God calls some men and women to serve through ordained ministry as Deacon, Priest and Bishops. Some clergy a full time stipendiary clergy and others are part time non stipendiary clergy. Retired clergy also play a valuable role in the ministry of many parishes in the diocese.

Deacons are ordained to serve God in the world and bringing the needs of the world to the attention of the Church Community. They are servants of Christ serving their brothers and sisters in whatever manner they can bring the Good News to others. Deacons also assist priests and bishops in the Liturgy through preaching and leading services of morning prayer, baptizing and burying the dead.

Priests are ordained to proclaim the Good News and to celebrate the Sacraments of the Church. Rectors of parishes are called to preach and teach, to exercise pastoral care for parishioners and the community and to lead the community in worship and prayer. They also exercise a ministry of administration and leadership in the parish collaborating with Parish Wardens and Parish Council.

Bishops are ordained to lead the wider church, representing the ministry of the Apostles as teachers of the faith. They ordain others to ministry, lead the diocese and link the local church to the wider church. Bishops are the chief liturgical officers of the diocese and govern the diocese in collaboration with Diocesan Council and Synod.

If you feel God's call to ordained ministry and would like to explore this further, please speak with our Rector.

Ordained Ministry