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When someone close to us dies, whether at the end of a long illness or without warning, we are deeply affected. Often we are in pain and have searching questions about the meaning of life, about death, and about our faith. At this time the Anglican Church offers support in your bereavement and a hope which points beyond death to resurrection and a new life.

From the Bishop

Because the Church is a caring community, it knows something of the hurt felt when a member of the family dies. Death may have been preceded by a long and draining illness. It may have come suddenly. The deceased may have been young or old. The hurt is there, and the Christian Community is eager to ease something of that hurt.

The Church lives in hope because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and we see a sense of victory underlying death. Both the hurt and the hope find expression in the Church's rites at the time of death and after.

Your Parish Priest will assist you in the planning of the funeral that will give thanks to God who is the Lord of the dead and the living. He or She will do everything possible, in consultation with you, to help in making the funeral service a dignified expression of caring love and Christian hope.

" To those who believe in thee, O Lord, life is but changed, not taken away."

God's Blessing be with you,

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