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Parish Council and the Ministries of Council

Parish Council is the governing body of the Parish and is elected and/or appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Comprising of The Corporation on the Parish (Rector, three Wardens and Treasurer) twelve members-at-large and Chairs of the various organizations. This body overseas the general business of the Parish and is the steward of the financial affairs of the congregation. Election and/or appointment is for a three year term with one Warden and four members-at-large being elected each year on a rotation basis.

Parish Administration: In the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canon 35 provides the framework for the administration of a parish. The diocese also has a series of ministry handbooks.

Rector: The Rector is an ordained priest called to guide a parish. Rectors are “Instituted” into parishes by the Bishop at a special service of “Institution”. The Rector is then “Inducted” into this ministry at a service of the whole parish and region. At that time, the parish and rector enter into a covenant relationship (See Covenant in Ministry).

The Rector of the parish is the chief liturgical officer of the parish and as such is solely responsible for all things pertaining to liturgy in the parish. All those who assist at the liturgy do so under the direction of the Rector (organists, choir directors, lay readers, visiting and assisting clergy etc.).

While the clergy are part of the Parochial Corporation and receive a stipend indirectly by the parish, the clergy are appointed by and responsible to the Bishop of the Diocese.

Parish Council:

Wardens: The Wardens are the principal elected lay officers of the parish and are members of Parish Council. As such, Wardens are called upon to carry out the same responsibilities as all members of the Parish Council. Namely, to regularly evaluate the overall life of the parish or church, to recommend ideas for effective ministry and to give leadership towards the achievement of the purpose of the parish. Wardens share with the share with the Rector mutual responsibility in fulfilling the total ministry to people in the community and share with the Rector the concern, needs and desires of the congregation. They are responsible, with the Rector, for seeing that the decisions of the Parish or Church Council and Parish Meetings are carried out.

Executive Committee: While not specifically outlined in Canon 35, many parishes form an executive Committee usually composed of the Rector and Wardens. This group meets for mutual support and to ensure that the decisions of Parish Council are carried out expeditiously. This group might also identify concerns and problems that need to be addressed by Council.

Parish Council Members: The Parish Council consists of elected members of the parish who serve for a three-year term. Representatives are also chosen from various parish organizations at the Annual Meeting. Each member of Parish Council is to be active in one or more ministries of Council. The Parish Council, of which the Rector is a member, is the governing body of the parish. The Parish Council has a number of ministries/committees which reflect the life, ministry and outreach of St. Johns’. These ministries promote an effective division of labour so that the varied interests and abilities of people are put to the best use. The term "shared ministry" is often mentioned in our Diocese. The ministries/committees are not meant to work in isolation but to work closely with the Parish Council and are in all cases responsible to that Council. Effective reporting to Council must be maintained at all times. Ministries/committees must receive Council approval of their activities before implementation. St. John’s has the following ministries/committees at present:

Rector: Priest in Charge Alvin Westgate Priest Associate: Louis Quennelle (On leave)

Wardens: Duncan Crowdis - 902-521-9724, Blake Starratt 902-634-9424 and Robert MacMillan 902-527-0122.

Elected Members: Peter Matthews, Barbara Nowe, Beth Barclay, Brooke Nodding, Kevin Skinner, Sam Burton ,Charlene Demone ,David Penney

Parish Treasurer – Dan Sargeant 902-237-9728.

Parish Council Secretary – Mary Wagner 902-634-9256


Parish Contacts

ACW: Barbara Nowe 902 634-4473

ACW CATERING: Patty Tanner 902 543-3474

ALTAR GUILD:Maureen Moffat 902-634-4428

ALTAR SERVERS: Maureen Moffatt, Ann Grandy, Barbara Simonds

CHAIR OF PARISH COUNCIL Brooke Nodding 902 634-9425

CHIMER: Peter Allen 902 634-4668


CUSTODIAN & Sexton Paul Woodley 902-212-1890

ORGANIST/CHOIR DIRECTOR: Barbara Butler 902 624-0506


FOOD BANK: Laura Roblee 902 521-4823

GREETERS: Hazel Oliver 902 634-3236;

HAND BELL: Sharon Hill 902 634-8781

HERITAGE MINISTRY: Roger Demone 902 543-5753

LADIES’ GUILD: Susan MacMillan 902 634-3019

LAY READERS: Roger Demone 902 543-5753

LECTORS: Mary Wagner 902-634-4994

MEALS ON WHEELS: Laura Roblee 902-521-4823,
Barbara Simonds 902-634-3319

MUSIC: Jane Ritcey Moore 902 275-4834

NEWSLETTER: Janice & Brian Kenefick 902 764-2145

NURSERY: Rena Demone 902- 634-9644


PLANNED GIVING: Jim Eisenhauer 902 634-4713

PRAYER & HEALING MINISTRY: Holly Mitchell 902-634-8477

PROPERTY MINISTRY: Rectory: Wayne Dodge 902 634-4885


REGIONAL COUNCIL: - Mary Meisner 902 634-8429n and Betty Lou Olivier 902-529-0209

SAFE CHURCH: Duncan Crowdis 902-640-2214

SERVERS Sheila Morris 902 634-3713

SEXTON Paul Woodley 902 212-1890



SUNDAY SCHOOL: Rena Demone 902- 634-9644

SYNOD DELEGATES: Holly Mitchell 902-634-8477, Mary Wagner 902-634-4994

TOUR PROGRAM: Peter Allen 902 634-4668

TREASURER: Dan Sargeant 902 237-9728


WEBSITE: Grant Dixon - 902 514-2897