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Chancel and Sanctuary Guild

Each week a small group of dedicated people prepare the Chancel and Altar for worship, consecration, celebration and remembrance. The work is divided into three parts: the cleaning of the chancel and altar; the setting up for all services, during the week and on Sundays, as well as special services for baptisms, weddings, funerals and ordinations; and finally, the decoration of the church to celebrate these weekly events plus the larger occasions in the church calendar, such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving.

At St. John’s a team approach is taken, with each team being responsible for two months a year. Thus, the commitment is shared among many members and there are resources to draw upon when the need is greater. The Altar Guild members are deeply honoured to be responsible for this work.

Members List (* Group Leader)

Altar Guild Team
Ann Grandy
Maureen Moffatt
Barbara Simonds
Susan MacMillan (Treasurer)
Carolyn White (Secretary)

January and July
Lilian Hall
Ann Grandy*
Carolyn White

February and August
Barbara Lilly
Mary King*
Anne Curtin

March and September
Sharon Green*
Patty Tanner
heila Morris

April and October
Maureen Moffatt *
Margaret Murray
Gill Osmond

May and November
Barbara Nowe*
Barbara Eisenhauer
Betty Creaser
Christina Pottie

June and December
Barbara Simonds
Marie Daurie*
Jo Eisenhauer
Robert MacMillan