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St. John’s Parish Vision

St John’s Parish is beginning the process that will lead to a new Shared Vision, an important first step in our search for a new rector, to replace our beloved Father Michael Mitchell who passed away in early January.

The last time a Shared Vision was undertaken by the parish of St. John’s was twelve years ago. Clearly, much has changed since then, both locally and globally. Our goal is to ensure that our life and ministry as a parish not only meets the needs of our parishioners, but also bears fruitful witness in service to the wider community.

To ensure all members of our parish can participate in this process, meetings will be scheduled at various times over the next several months to allow everyone’s voice to be heard. Meetings will start with our various committees and ministries, and then expand to involve the parish as a whole as well as the community. The process will be designed to ensure transparency (we want everyone to know what’s going on), inclusivity (we want everyone to feel welcome to participate), and flexibility (we want to ensure everyone is given an opportunity to participate). Our Shared Vision will emerge from these meetings and will likely go through a number of revisions before it is presented to the parish for final approval.

The timing of the output of this process, expected toward the end of April, will lead to Archbishop Cutler authorizing the search for a new rector. At that point, Archdeacon Ian Wissler will call a congregational meeting to elect a Parochial Committee to work with the Archbishop in the search. The Shared Vision we are beginning to work on now becomes an important part of the Parish Profile that will be used in that search for the ideal candidate. It is hoped, but by no means guaranteed, that this process will lead to having a new rector by this fall.

Our committee of Emmi Fraser, Jane Ritcey, Wendell Eisener and Duncan Crowdis, assigned to facilitate this discernment process to create a Shared Vision, will work to garner as much input from the parish as possible and will work to keep the parish informed as this process evolves.