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Pentecost 1% Challenge

As a part of our Diocesan 300th Anniversary Celebrations, Diocesan Bishop, Sue Moxley, invites all Anglicans in the Diocese to give thanks for God’s blessings with the Pentecost 1% Challenge. The challenge is simple, intentionally increase your offering by 1% of your income. Enable your parish to do the ministry God is calling you to do!

The Season of Pentecost extends from May 23 to November 21, 2010. Make a commitment to be disciplined with the financial part of your spiritual life by growing your offering by 1%.

That means first you have to set out what is your annual income. Decide whether you will use gross income or net income. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be able to do the math, there is a chart on the reverse side to do the work for you.

St. John’s Parish depends upon the generosity of parishioners and visitors to support our many ministries and programs, as well as the upkeep of our historic buildings. Your regular Offertory giving along with the use of special envelopes, enables the parish to do all that God is calling us to do.

Thank You for your generous support.

St. John’s Parish Council


Stewardship & Planned Giving Ministry

Cultivates a greater awareness of the Church's mission and ministry and the resources required to fulfill its gospel mandate, including:

Maintaining an ongoing awareness of stewardship

Empowering the parish to exercise the stewardship of their gifts within the parish and beyond

Implementation of bequests and other vehicles of planned giving.


Planned Giving: Jim Eisenhauer ~ 902 634-4713
Stewardship: Roger Mason ~ 902 624-1095

Planned Giving (or Gift Planning) is a planned approach to ones long-term financial support of the work of your Church. It can be at the Parish, Diocesan or National Church level. We commonly think of Planned Giving as making provision in ones Will to financially support those people or organizations important to us in our lifetime. Planned Giving to your Church can involve much more however. It can involve living gifts, which through appropriate financial and tax planning can benefit both the Donor and Parish during ones life. It could involve such things as annuities or life insurance for example. The important thing is that we consider such Planned Giving opportunities.

Former Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s have been generous in the past with Planned Gifts to our Parish given for permanent investment. Those gifts now generate annual income of more than $40,000, an amount equivalent to over 20% of our total Parish income. Now it is our turn!

Please reflect upon your personal approach to Planned Giving. Would you like to be in a position to know that your Parish would benefit forever from a Planned Giving decision that you could make now? There are a lot of options to accomplish this during your lifetime or through your Will if you plan ahead.

If you would like to discuss any of these options – your Rector or Planned Giving Officer (Jim Eisenhauer) would be pleased to talk with you, or put you in touch with other Planned Giving advisors within our Diocese. Wills, gifts of cash, life insurance, annuities or other assets are just some of the possibilities. We encourage you to be a good steward of God’s work - Please plan today!