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Spiritual Development & Pastoral Care

Furthers the spiritual growth and growing discipleship of the church and provides effective pastoral care for all members, including current and new members, the ill, those confined to home and homes for special care. Encourages opportunities for prayer and Christian education on the part of all, by;

Nurturing the spiritual development of people through special services, retreats, quiet periods, missions, ecumenical outreach, prayer, bible and study groups;

Providing leadership for the understanding and development of family living;

Nurturing leadership for hospital visits, visits to the sick or shut-ins or both, crisis supports, in-home communions and newcomer welcoming and discipleship training;

Providing leadership, materials and equipment for Christian education programs such as preparation for Baptism, Life In The Eucharist,

Ministry Members

Chair :Vacant

Holly Mitchell, Velvet Eliuk, Helen Chandler

Pastoral Visiting: Charlene Demone

Prayer & Healing Ministry: Rev Linda Macdonald

Family Life Ministry:

ACW: Barbara Nowe

Ladies Guild: Jo Eisenhauer 

Altar Guild: Lillian Keeping