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Management and Care of Parish Property

Attends to all matters relating to the property of the parish corporation, including;

Providing for a regular inspection of all buildings and grounds owned by the parish corporation and, at a time agreed upon by the rector and the committee, regular inspections of the rectory;

Investigating and recommending to parish council a continuing maintenance program, providing estimates of costs and supervision of approved work;

Providing operational and janitorial services with a Sexton and Custodian;

Carefully and periodically examining all the buildings to establish the best means for the conservation of energy and the promotion of the environment.


Chair: Wayne Dodge ~ 902 634-4885

Duncan Crowdis ~902 521-9724
Ben Smith ~ 902-634-4859
Heather Eisenhauer ~ 902-634-4713
Peter Allen ~ 902 634-4668