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Congregational Development Committee

The Congregational Development Committee was formed in the summer of 2012. It's mission is "to study and consider ways to expand the membership of St. John's and members' involvement in Parish life –– and to provide recommendations to parish council for action." In essence, the committee endeavours to retain, recruit and renew members –– by engaging members of the congregation and inspiring prospective new members to want to be part of our church community.

Over the years, the committee has embarked on a number of projects, including:

hosting bi-annual congregational meetings, as a vehicle for communicating with and among the congregation, and providing fellowship;

supporting the Rector;

supporting families preparing for baptism;

supporting the work of the Sunday School;

special events at Advent and Christmas, including carolling at Harbourview Haven, involvement in the annual Town of Lunenburg Heritage Christmas pilgrimage and the lighting of the Advent/Christmas tree; supporting congregational events, including barbeques.

It's focus over the recent years has been young families.

Current members include

Rena Demone ~ 902- 634-9644
Judy McPherson ~ 902-543-8060
Mary Meisner ~ 902-634-8429.
Reverend Rector ~ 902-634-4994
Jane Ritcey ~ 902 275-4834
Blake Starratt ~ 902-634-9424