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Music and Liturgy Planning Ministry

Serves under the leadership of the Rector to plan and coordinate all aspects of liturgy, worship and music, by bringing together all the various ministries related to these areas and by;

Promoting full participation of the whole people of God in worship;

Providing all that is required for divine worship;

Encouraging a vibrant program of music which appreciates a variety of styles and genres;

Supports a adult choirs, children/youth choir, hand bell choir for adults and children, the ministry of the Chimer;

Supporting the music outreach ministry of the parish through St. John’s Arts Alliance;

Supporting Lay Readers, lectors, greeters, altar servers, and all involved in worship;

Assisting the wardens of the parish where necessary, in providing worship services;

During the vacation or absence of the rector of the parish from duty;


Chair: Rector

Altar Guild: Maureen Moffat 902-634-4428

Sunday School:Rena Demone 902-634-9644

Nursery: Rena Demone ~ 634-9644

Lay Readers: Roger Demone ~ 543-5753

Organist – Choir Director: Barbara Butler ~ 624-0506

Lectors: Mary Wagner~ 634-4994

St. John’s Ringers: Sharon Hill ~634-8781

St. John’s Arts Alliance: Barbara Butler ~ 624-0506

Greeters: Hazel Oliver ~ 634-3236

Altar Servers: Sheila Morris, Grace Swan ~ 634-3713