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The Heritage Ministry

The Heritage Ministry is responsible for maintaining and caring for the many documents, photos, architectural plans, and archival material relating to St. John’s Parish. The committee catalogues all such material in order to gain efficient access for research. It is responsible for developing and maintaining a security system whereby material is not lost due to poor loan documentation.

The Interpretative Centre is located in the lower level of the church, and contains the various archival material, along with other interpretative material and displays. This is maintained by the Heritage Ministry in cooperation with the Rector and Wardens.

Every year, tour guides are selected and trained by a sub-committee which involves the parish officers and a representative of the Heritage Ministry; these guides are students who welcome and provide information to the thousands of tourists from around the world who come to St. John’s in the summer. In the spring and autumn, the tour programme is continued by members of the Heritage Ministry and interested parishioners.

Frequently, the Heritage Ministry receives requests from genealogists, historians, and interested people in the community and abroad for information on past events at St. John’s. Also, the Heritage Ministry is consulted on material which is published by the parish relating to the history of the church.

The Heritage Ministry’s mandate is to ensure that the rich history of St. John’s will be secure for future generations.

For more information, please contact:

Roger Demone at 902-543-5753

Members: Roger Demone, Charlene Demone, Doreen Dixon, Peter Matthews, Cathy Ramey, Pat Smith, Gary Tanner

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