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Altar Servers Ministry

Every year, we try to encourage our young people to join our altar servers to help the minister with the Sunday service or any special service.  Servers play a very responsible part in our Sunday services and many other special services.

Their first duty for most services is to light the alter candles about 15 minutes before the service starts. 

They then lead the choir and carry the cross for the processional hymn and closing hymn. 

The crucifer sets the pace for the procession and this is a very important role.

If at any time we have the luxury of having three servers present, two of these servers would be candlebearers and walk directly behind the crucifer.

They are responsible for receiving the collection during the offertory hymn and while the collection  is being taken up by the sidespeople, the server is helping the minister in the preparation for communion and when communion is completed, the server helps to tidy up. 

It goes without saying that the server carries themselves with dignity at all times. 

There is very little meeting time with our present servers,  most of our contact is made through e-mail or phone calls if there is a change in the schedule or change in the service, etc.

For more information, please contact Sheila Morris at 634-3713.